About Us

Greetings and welcome to a BRAND NEW website.... FINALLY!!!

Like the Doctor, we have been through many incarnations.

We have been trading since the late 1980's and as Sante Claus since 2010 (the year we made contact), specializing predominantly in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Film and TV memorabilia.

As with most things, we started as collectors in the 1970’s and we still are…. You never really stop!

Sante Claus offers a vast amount of merchandise, both brand new, vintage, second hand, rare and unusual, mostly in the following categories:

* Action Figures
* Model Kits
* Models
* Models
* Figures / Figurines
* Time Pieces
* Games
* Trading Cards
* Printed Material
* Autographs
* Limited editions / pieces

We are always interested to hear about collections up for offer.

All orders are processed through PayPal, if you do not have an account, you can still proceed as a guest.

We will be adding new products as quickly as possible but meanwhile you can see over 4,000 of our products in our ebaY shop.